lördag, juni 23, 2007

Ruths regnbågsjacka/Rainbow cardigan

Nu har jag äntligen startat på Ruths regnbågsjacka. Jag köpte garnet i höstas, nystade upp i november men har inte blivit färdig med att lägga upp. Men nu är det gjort, tack vare en KauniKAL.
Thanks to the KauniKAL I finally started my Rainbow cardigan. I bought the yarn last autumn and wounded it up in november....... But now I am eager to finish it.

3 kommentarer:

marianne lundholm sa...

men vad spännande att få se den koftan, jag har stickat hennes skugg kofta, den blev bra

Reasoning E'Bert sa...

Welcome to the KauniKAL group. You are making wonderful progress. It's going to be fun knitting this sweater together.

I like that your blog is multi-lingual. It's neat that knitters from all over the world have a common way that they can communicate - stitches.

Holly sa...

I am so glad you have started. Then I can watch mine grow after yours, seeing that someone else HAS done it.

The list of countries, locations and languages is growning